Anime: The Mystical World

Topics: Anime, Manga, Osamu Tezuka Pages: 9 (2617 words) Published: February 26, 2013
Anime: The Mystical World A Research paper
Presented To
The Class of Mrs. Rebecca DP. Sheikh
Commonwealth High School

In Partial Fulfillment
Of the Requirement for the Subject

Monica Mae Y.
February 01, 2010

Table of Contents

Page numbers
I. Acknowledgement i
II. Dedication ii
III. Outline iii
IV. Introduction 1
V. Body 2-17
VI. Conclusion 18
VII. Bibliography 19

In every person, there is a someone to whom they want to give thanks… And for myself, I want to give thanks for someone who gave me inspiration to make my research paper more interesting and most of all it has a moral lesson for everyone… First of all, I want to give thanks to our lord JESUS CRIST, who gave me strength and ability to do this project… Then, to my parents who gave their support and always being there to guid and teach me everything…. And also, to my best friend “MARLYN TABAY” and to my friends “DAYAN”, “JONAS”, and”KHIM” , who are always there to support and comfort me in times of loneliness and even in times of happiness that gave me good memories that I will treasured for the rest of my life…. And the last but, not the least, I want to give thanks to our beloved English teacher who was always there to give her support to us to become good and well-disciplined students….



I want to dedicate this research paper to all the fanatics of anime and to those who want know more about it, like its history, terminology, and more about it… I dedicate also this to my parents, friends and to our group “KOIZORA”....”Dayanaline Viernes”,”Jonas Sario” and “Khimberly Capillo”, who gave me inspiration to make this project more interesting… And finally, to those people who want to know and learn more about the characters, characteristics, and more examples of anime….


People have a different addiction… In sports, computer games, movie, foods, etc…. But Anime is the most different because anime means all animation in general….
Some anime are drawn by hand, but anime can also be made with computers. There are many types of anime; you can find anime about about sports, magic, or romance. These are just some examples. Anime is shown on television, DVD, and VHS, and in used in computers and video games. Also, some anime cartoons are just movies, but they have cartoon places. Anime is often based on Japanese comics that are called MANGA and graphic novels. Sometimes live action) not animation) movies and television series are based on an anime.

Movie makers liked animation because then they could have animator draw other places and people that could not be filmed in a normal movie and the animators could be very creative with the cartoons they made.

In the late 1980s, lots of people in countries other than Japan started to like anime too. In the United States, giant robot anime became popular. In Europe, anime for children became popular. Today, many different kinds of anime are popular all around the world.



Very popular stories in anime and manga are often translate into other languages, and the words used in the anime or manga will be put into another language where they mean the same thing. That way, people who live outside of Japan and who do not understand Japanese (the language used for dialogue in anime and manga in Japan) can also understand the stories. If a manga or anime is not translated by a company in another country, sometimes people in that country will...
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