Anime: Japanese Culture

Topics: Globalization, Manga, Japan Pages: 3 (1208 words) Published: March 4, 2012
Entertainment is an aspect that may be incorporated into one’s life in a variety of ways. Beginning initially in Japan in the nineteenth century and now available on a global scale, Manga and Anime is a form of entertainment for many. Manga, a Japanese term, frequently referred to as a graphic novel are stories that are presented in a comic book fashion (CITE KIMBERLY BOLAN). Mio Bryce, a PHD holder in Japanese studies thoroughly analyzes the creation, integration, and evolution of Manga and Anime on a global scale in his article Manga and Anime: Fluidity and Hybridity in Global Imagery. (CITE WEBSITE). Bryce does an excellent job explaining the similarities and differences between the original Japanese manga and the comics available in North America and also does an immaculate job explaining the importance of the method in which glocalisation has taken place in terms of manga and anime. The author briefly mentions the negative effects of the advances in technology in terms of its effect on manga sales and ought to have focused more upon this aspect. Overall, this article encompasses the key factors that have lead to its fluidity and success on a global scale with minor faults and these strengths and weaknesses will be discussed in detail. In today’s realm of outstanding technology and convenience, it is effortless to obtain entertainment within one’s household. Mio Bryce has written an article on the creation and adaption of manga and anime comics throughout nations across the world. At one point in time, these short stories existed only within Japan and today, due to technology advances, glocalisation, the effects of globalization and global diffusion, this form of entertainment, like many others, is available in nations across the world (ARTICLE). Bryce focuses his attention upon the changes that have occurred to this form of literature in the last two centuries, depending on where it is being viewed. This article summarizes the effects of Japanese and North...
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