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Topics: Daffy Duck, Bugs Bunny, Looney Tunes Pages: 3 (998 words) Published: November 10, 2013

Midterm Paper
The Artist that I chose to do my paper on is Chuck Jones. The work he has done in the animation industry has inspired me to become the artist I am today. There are many aspects that drew me into this field from character design, bringing a character to life, the backgrounds, and etc. The way he portrayed character personalities and movements is what inspired me the most.

To start off Chuck Jones is one of the most praised directors in the history of animation. “During the Golden Age of animation Jones helped bring to life many of Warner Bros. most famous characters—Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck, Elmer Fudd and Porky Pig (”. Chuck Jones had an amazing sense of timing along with character movement. He was one of the youngest directors at Warner Bros. Some of my favorite films he directed are Bully for Bugs, Duck Dodgers in the 24 ½ Century, Duck Amuck, What’s Opera Doc, and others.

The way the characters were created they were believable enough to be like real people. When it comes to character design I really like Bugs Bunny he is a really sarcastic, carefree, semi heroic character with a New York Accent. What really inspired me about the creation of the characters is that they are created from these simple shapes but have these very specific details that define them. Bugs bunny is basically created from a circle and pear like shape. The smallest changes in detail can change the emotion. The simplicity behind the design of Bugs and many of the characters was amazing to see. An example of this can be found in this video ( This is a video of Chuck Jones demos rationing how to draw Bugs and he breaks into steps. There was a quote I like in the Chuck Amuck movie that said “He doesn’t draw Bugs Bunny, he draws a picture of Bugs Bunny.

What I like about bugs bunny is that he is a heroic character. “Before he fought back he had to be provoked” (Chuck Amuck The Movie 1991). Good...

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