Animals Should Not Be in Zoos

Topics: Tropical rainforest, Wildlife, Natural environment Pages: 3 (710 words) Published: May 1, 2013
* No sense of freedom.
* Not natural.
* Generally kept only with own species.
* Shorten life spans.

Zoo is short form of zoological park. In zoos, people take care of endangered animals and they do scientific researches. However I believe caging animals, seizing their freedom and doing heap of heap stuff like circuses, people have fun and some people earn money is the main thing happening in zoos. Like everybody else animals love to have their freedom, they love to be with their parents and friends. NO SENSE OF FREEDOM

* Imprisoning in huge cages
* No friends
* Miss parents
* Really lonesome
* They have no choice
Just like all people, animals like their freedom either. Any of us don’t like to live in a huge or small cage. Just we can imagine a place that if we are living without a way to go outside, caging likes a punishment, no friends and miss parents. What a lonesome life it will be. So that is exactly the same to the all animals. They like to be with their parents and friends like everybody else. It’s their freedom. They all like to find their freedom. However when they live in cages, they have no choice. They get food for the time, they are protected in zoos but it’s not their freedom and it isn’t the thing which they wish. Their freedom is always in the forests. Because forest supplies all their requirements and zoos can’t supply all those things. Therefore I believe animals should live in their home which is the forest where they have their freedom, happiness and all their own things. So I’m exactly against about breaking down the freedom of these innocent animals to make people happy. To have their freedom they must live in forests, instead of living in huge cages.

* Made to perform
* Not in their home
* Never competing
* No natural recourses
* Very shorten like spans
Animals are a creature of this wonderful and amazing nature....
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