Animals Should be used for Research

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Animals Should be used for Research
Did you know that over 450,000 people in the UK with Type 1 diabetes, rely on insulin which was helped created by rabbits and dogs? Animals are important for science and health.  Scientist know that with the right research, any animals can help cure a cancer or disease.  Animals like mice and rats can help with curing a lot of diseases and animals can be used to find out new scientific discoveries. Also, some animals have been used to find ways to help with science exploration. Animals are amazing creatures that can be used to help humans with many different health problems. An important reason that animals should be used for research is, that some hold the key and have helped to curing diseases and cancers. Scientist are close to curing leukemia using mice and rats. Mice have already helped with breast cancer patients because cancer survival rates have gone up.  They have helped with the medicine breast cancer patients are using. In addition, there are many other different animals out there that will help cure other diseases and cancers eventually. Another example of animals that can help cure diseases are sharks. Sharks may have the key to curing cancer. An expert named Dareen Al Mojill believes this theory and he believes sharks can help for/in the future. He quotes, “We have learn a great deal from sharks and there are many more potential ideas and projects to come.”  Finally, animal research has helped asthma patients. The asthma inhaler was created by using animal research and has helped saved the 25 million people in the US that have asthma. One last cool fact, is that studies show that 96% of general practitioners agree that “animal experiments have made an important contribution to many advances in medicine.” This proves that animals have the key and have helped with curing diseases and cancers. A major reason that animals are useful when it comes to research is, that they can help find scientific discoveries. For example, Apes have helped to find the start of the evolution of mankind. In schools, this has added more to learn in schools. An expert named Lowell Randel found out that with the help of animal research, scientists have learned more about global warming and the earth’s environmental atmosphere. This has lead to the reduction of greenhouse gases, electric cars, and the knowledge of the world we live in. This proves that the use of animal research has led to the expansion of knowledge in science.   The view of animal research, however, is different to other people. Some people believe animal research is pointless and that scientist are wasting their time. According to the Humane Society, for an experiment on pesticide registration, there was a use of at least 12,000 animals. Now, why would anybody waste their time (and the animals) using 12,000 animals for research for something as silly as pesticide registration? Others believe that the research is abusive, cruel, and mean. In 2006, over 1,340 dogs and 412 cats were used for research in pain. However, that is not a lot of animals. It seems more logical to use cats and dogs, which use up only .2% of the 2.5 billion animals used for research each year, then let them be put down or starve in a pound. Finally, the last group of people believe that scientist are using animals for research that are on the verge of extinction. However, scientists are very aware of the animals on the verge of extinction, and they only use animals that are vulnerable or not even close to the matter. This concludes my counter argument on the matter of animals research. In conclusion, animals should definitely be used for research. Animals can help the medical fields such as help cure diseases and cancers. Mice are on their way to curing leukemia. In addition, the universe of science can be explored with the help of animals. Apes have helped the classrooms with science on our evolution. However, there are still many people out there that...

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