Animals being kept in zoos

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Should stay at home moms get a salary from the government? Most don’t agree but some do. Being a stay at home mom is not easy what so ever. There are many different opinions on whether or not stay at home moms should get a salary or not. It is also frowned upon when a mother leaves their child at a young age. Most stay at home moms are put down and called lazy all because they don’t have a so called real job, but being a stay at home mom is hard. Stay at home moms deserve to be treated the same as a working mom. Most women when they get pregnant try to work until almost due date then they take a leave for at least 6 weeks then try to return to their jobs and cannot because the company has already replaced her. Some moms do not have the heart to go back to work after they are released by the doctors. Some moms have been so used to being at home with their child and taking care of them all day that they cannot go back to a job at some company or whatever they did before they had the baby. Everyone has a different opinion on how much a stay at home mom is worth. By today’s market they are worth a lot more than most think. People have to realize just what a stay at home mom does, they cook, wash clothes, do dishes, clean the house, run errands, take kids everywhere, etc. and if you added up how much working people make doing those jobs it can add up. But instead of people looking at all the work that stay at home moms do they just look at them as failing to achieve their potential when they remove themselves from the work place. They are not failures they just decided to stay at home and spend all their time with their kids. The time mothers spend performing 10 typical job functions would equate to an annual salary of $115,432 for a stay at home mom. Working moms at home salary is $63,472 in 2011; this is in addition to the salary they earn in the workplace. From cleaning up after kids to finding out what the kids are up to the U.S. Bureau of Labor

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