Animals and Religion

Topics: Religion, Human, Organism Pages: 4 (1435 words) Published: December 10, 2012
Animal Ethics
Dr. Dr.Patricia McEachern
November 25, 2012
Animals and Religion
Through the history of mankind, we have been associated with animals whether if it is for consumption, for company or for religious activities. In this topic of Animals and Religion, my position with this issue is “Ecocentrism” This model places primary moral value not on human beings or sentient life but on the protection of the ecosystem itself.  Thus, concerns about animals will be important inasmuch as they have consequences for the overall ecological health of the planet. I chose this position simply because we are all evolutionary equal than all the other species that are living here today. As a more intelligent species, we humans have the capabilities to maintain the ecological balance and the biodiversity of this planet. With this model for animal ethics, we can be assured that we are living in a world where there are and ecological equilibrium between all of the living things and the environment that is rapidly changing with human technology advancements. We will now look at other religions and their views on animals and animal rights and how humans should act and respond to other species. Christianity is one of the biggest religions in the world but for most of human history, Christianity ignored the sufferings of animals. The whole religion is actually based on animal suffering; the lamb that is sacrificed was replaced by God, that’s why Jesus is called “the Lamb of God who takes over all the sins of the world”. The Christian model for animals is “Strong Anthropocentrism” because humans think that they are the center of all the living species and that they assess everything through a human’s perspective. Christian thinkers believed that humans are superior to all animals, but this was a long time ago. Modern Christians have a different kind of view towards animals. They think sympathetically to animals, but only to animals that they think displays sufficient...

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