Topics: Marriage, Husband, Wife Pages: 3 (1063 words) Published: October 21, 2013
Joshua Trodder
EWRT 1B 12:30-2:30

Chapter 4:
1. What i make of the fact that Emma is seen sewing up during the days and unraveling it at night is that she is extremely bored about everything in her life. She finds herself falling for leon also. 2. Everyeone's reaction to this is that both emma and leon must be lovers because when it states " Why did the doctor's wife give the clerk presents? It looked queer." Madame Homais, Monsieur Homais, just and the children it gave the apperance that they were lovers. 3. Emma had a believe that "love had to come suddenly with a great clap of thunder and a lightening flash that fall upon your life and that it must scatter your ideals like leaves and hurls your every soul into the abyss". What i make of the metaphor is that she would not have feelings for leon and she would have been loyal to her husband if she felt that there was a chance that he could change.

Chapter 5:
1. Emma see Charles as an stupid irrattaing boring person while on the other hand she looks about Leon in the matter of talking about his young figure along with his nice hair and nice blue eyes. 2. What makes Leon give up hope is when Charles comes home and he see the bigger picture that that is his wife and family and that he really can not have emma because she is charles women. Leon looks at charles and Emma marriage as really boring as the fact that they are totally the oppsite of each other. He looks at charles as a very borning person while on the other hand see's emma as an adventures person that like to go out and dance and read novels and enjoy the finer things in life. 3. Emma to the other people around her seem to be just doing fine. They really amired "her thrift and the patients admired her manners and the poor her willingness to give." They looked at her as a perfect wife with alot of talent. But on the inside she is filled with lust,rage and hatred towards her life in general. 4. I personally feel as if was the right thing to do and...
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