Topics: Suffering, Abuse, Animal welfare Pages: 2 (449 words) Published: June 24, 2013
Cruelty to animals
Every day, throughout the length and breadth of our planet, it performs a very sad and appalling practice: animal abuse. The animal abuse or cruelty is defined as treatment that causes suffering, harm or pain to animals, either for pleasure or obtaining goods and skins, meat and scientific experiments. Seeing a dog lying in the street, dying or starving, the reaction of many people is to pass over or just avoid it. Just because it's a no brainer to be worth nothing, is what many people think but obviously it is a being who has the ability to feel like us therefore suffer when injured. Today animals are rights holders, which prohibit people carrying out abuse, but are not as effective when complying with the result of this crime, many times this happens because not only applies the case when someone is abusing the animal, but also for the ignorance of others to see the abuse a helpless animal, they do nothing to stop this injustice, not reported to authorities. People living in this ignorance is as if they agreed with this, and believe it or not, everything is in the lack of interest in this problem that affects nature, and therefore our planet is slowly dying with each offense that silenced. Hunting and coleus are evidence of abuse we do to the animals, the mere fact of seeing an animal being the center of attraction involves animal suffering and worse, that's satisfying and fun for many. Other evidence of the outrage, are the circuses, they support the idea of keeping animals in captivity, treat them in a brutal way, and just to make money and provide entertainment to the people who go to see the show. During the fur fashion show is essential to have skin dresses more rare and expensive, this implies and promotes trafficking of exotic species that are brutally removed from their habitat and are killed in a cruel and merciless, just for the fancy dress with the best. In conclusion, the simple act of seeing or knowing that one animal suffers,...
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