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Since the very beginning people have been using the animals for different purposes for example, before mechanical vehicles were invented people rode horses, used them to pull carts and plough fields. Nowadays the purposes have changed. Animals are used to entertain us or to earn money for us in such places as zoos, circus and animal races. Is it a pleasure for people to observe various animals in different situations but being watched may not be a pleasant experience for animals. Zoos were created to satisfy human curiosity of wildlife from different world regions. There are both advantages and disadvantages of human-animal coexistence.

To begin with the pluses of keeping animals in zoos are that they provide protection and shelter for endangered species, which have a possibility to breed and not to become extinct. Moreover, it is the only opportunity to see dangerous animals’ safety from a short distance. What is more, people interested in wildlife or doing research about some species can thoroughly observe their natural behavior and lifestyle. Nevertheless, there are also minuses of putting living creatures into cages. First of all, animals are deprived of their natural habitat. That fact may cause a serious damage of their inborn to hand for food or to be aware of stronger enemies. Furthermore, they are disturbed by visitors and noisy children. It can make them rage and they can not only destroy cage equipment but even force particular species to kill their inmates. Finally, not every zoo is properly equipped to supply enough nutrients for each species to provide medical treatment and to get the cages regularly cleaned. Animals captured from their natural habitat should eat the same type and amount of food as before captivity. Living in small dirty cages might cause spreading illnesses among animals. What is even worse, the visitors are in danger of getting infected with a serious disease.

All in all, to my mind there are pros and cons of living with...
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