Animal Veterinarians

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Veterinarians are doctors who treat diseased and injured animals and give advice on how to care and breed healthy animals. The first veterinarian appeared around 2,500 B.C. in Babylon and China. There are two main types of vets. For example, there are large animal veterinarians that work with cows, horses, elephants, and numerous other large species. But there are also small animal veterinarians that work with smaller species, such as companion animals (pets).

There are many different places of employment for veterinarians. Some veterinarians work at zoos. These veterinarians take care of the sick or injured zoo animals. Their job is very hard because the medical problems can be multiplied greatly to all the zoo's species. There are also companion animal veterinarians. They take care of the general public pets. Out of the 56,000 veterinarians in the United States, half are companion animal veterinarians. Food inspector veterinarians work at inspecting meat. They check meat for diseases, so that the people who consume the meat will not get sick. Food inspectors check about 100,000,000 animal carcasses a year, out of that about 1,000,000 pounds are condemned. There are also veterinarians that checkup on sporting animals, they help racing horses, greyhounds, ostriches, etc. Marine veterinarians are just about the same as zoo veterinarians, but they deal with water animals like whales and dolphins. Some veterinarians also work as professors, teaching college students about veterinary medicine.

A veterinarian's job is considered a good one because they usually make a good deal of money, especially if they own their own business. The average income of veterinarians in private practice was $57,500 in 1995. The starting salary of a veterinarian is somewhere around $23,000 per year nowadays. But veterinarians in more established careers make around $40,000-$60,000. But those who work for the federal government (meat inspectors) are considered to make...
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