Animal Testing. What is more evil? Killing animals or killing people?

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Animal Testing Essay

What do you think is more evil? Killing animals or killing people? This is the core question in animal testing for human research. Through animal testing, mankind has been able to advance medicine, technology, and overall safety. Without testing methods, technology cannot advance. So, while it is a bad to kill animals for human benefit, most people will prefer killing animals instead of human beings. As such it is necessary to continue animal research. It is important to remember that animals and humans are not on the same scale. There are many reasons for this particular saying. Humans have a higher moral status and higher intelligence. When one tries to do an experiment on a person, that person would probably shout in pain and do many things to get out of there and not be a “lab-person”. If one tries to do an experiment on an animal, however, that is another story. Animals are easy to contain. A scientist can do an experiment on an animal really easily. People can talk and be a member of the society, but animals can’t. They can’t even talk. Through animal research, we have made a lot of medical achievements. With the result from the experiments that we do on animals, we can make safe vaccines for young children and adults. Before, we needed humans to risk their lives in order to find out something. With animals, we do not have to endanger human lives. Some people say that we have to do the experiments on plant cells or left over tissue. I also think that it is a good idea, but in order to get to the point of having successful tests on plant cells or leftover tissue, we had to have the prior experiment on animals. The experiments that we do on animals actually can heal and help animals that are sick. Let’s say that a scientist got a sick mouse and did an experiment to find out the cure for that disease. If the experiment succeeds, the animal mouse will be cured. That would be really good for both animal and mankind. In...
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