Animal Testing: the Facts

Topics: Animal testing, Human, Animal rights Pages: 5 (2040 words) Published: March 14, 2010
Why should animals not have the same rights that humans do? Maybe because they cannot talk, read books, or drive cars, but neither can some humans for that matter. So why is it that when an experiment, which was conducted to help treat type 2 diabetes, killed 203 people, it was halted immediately, although millions of animals die each year due to scientific experimentation? The answer is that many believe that animals are worthless or are not worth as much as human beings are, so they are therefore dispensable. The problem with that is animals are living things just like humans. Therefore, like human beings, they understand fear and experience pain. They also feel excitement and happiness. So why should they be denied the same basic rights that humans have? The answer to that question is that they should not be. Animals deserve the same rights that humans have, so testing that jeopardizes animal life, and safety should come to a cease immediately in the same way that it would if the same testing were to be conducted on human beings. Why is it that people think it is okay to conduct scientific experiments on animals? The most common response to this question is that human beings are intellectually superior to the other species of animals roaming the planet, but this reason alone is not enough to justify the act of animal experimentation. If that is the only reason that can be produced, then here is another question. “What about infants and mentally disabled people”, who are on the same, if not a lower, intellectual level as the animals that are experimented on, so how come people only perform scientific experiments on the animals? This is probably because it is considered unethical or immoral to scientifically experiment on a human being. So why is it ok to experiment on the animals? Maybe, because they cannot talk or defend themselves, so there is no way of asking for their consent. Where as if you wanted to test on a human, you would need that person’s legal consent or you would be subject to punishment by law. Then why not get people to speak on the animals behalves? Well some people do, these groups include PETA, The ASPCA, The Blue Cross, and The Born Free Foundation, just to name a few. These organizations stand up for the animals and understand that just because they cannot talk does not mean that the animals do suffer from immense pain. The problem is that when these organizations step up and try to defend the animals, they are regarded as terrorist and people just trying to make life difficult for others. Therefore, if the animals cannot defend themselves, and the people trying to defend them are being attacked by society. What else can be done to stop animal experimentation? That is the topic of much heated debate today. There have been attempts to discontinue the abuse of vivisection, also known as biomedical research. In 1966 the Animal Welfare Act was signed. This document’s original intent stated that laboratories would have to be supervised to insure that the animals that were being experimented on had the proper care and were used correctly, as ironic as that may sound. The Animal Welfare Act has been the only Federal law to help protect most species treatment in laboratories. Rats, mice, and birds are not included in this protection for the simple fact that they are less valuable and can be disposed of without much remorse of society, because they are believed to have no purpose here and to some are considered a nuisance. This law is not as useful as it may seem, because it only states the minimum requirements that a laboratory has to follow. One of the laws included in the document is that dos are required to be exercised. This is comparable to death row where inmates have the luxury of eating whatever they please and then the take the long walk to face the cosiquence for doing there crime. The only difference is that these dogs have done nothing wrong and may face death, perhaps torture for...
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