Animal Testing summary

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Animal Testing
In this topic, I will show animal testing. Animal testing is a part of our everyday life. Do you know that many of the products around us and use everyday are still tested on animals? However, many people complain about using animals testing, and they argue animals have life right. People produce a new medicine or cosmetics. But the new product needs to be tested what will affect humans. If the new product won't be tested on animals, who will volunteer for new product testing? I think nobody wants to do it. Animal testing saves our lives. Animal testing is necessary for many reasons.

A lot of animals are used for experimentation every year. For example: white mice, dog, rabies, and monkey.... Without them we don't know if a product is safe to use or not. Animal testing is important because it provides an excellent insight into the complex interactions within a biological system that no existing alternative can provide. Humans and animals alike share many of the same basic biological processes and interaction (Jason,1996). We need to understand animal testing; it is helpful to be aware of different kinds of research conducted on animals and engage in testing.

The story " Animal Experimentation Is Ethical" by Derbyshire, he agrees animal experimentation is necessary. He says: "the best hopes to treat or cure any number of diseases all rely on current animal experiments"(Derbyshire, 2006 pg 11). Animal testing improves our safety and increases our knowledge of nature and can therefore increase the possibilities for human action, advancing the cause of human freedom. Also, his consensus has formed regarding the three Rs: refinement, reduction, and replacement are defined. The three Rs is importance and advantages of alternatives to animal testing methods are mentioned. Successful promotion of animal research can only begin when we withdraw support for the three Rs.

On the other hand in the story" Animal Have Rights" by Tom Regan, the author argues that non-human animals have the same rights as humans do because animal are similar rational and emotional beings. He contends that viewing animals as inferior constitutes specialism, a prejudice similar to sexism and racism. Furthermore, he claims that treating animals equally fosters individual growth and helps society become more compassionate. Regan (1997) says" using animals for testing is a wrong way. "It is wrong to treat weaker human beings, especially those who are lacking in normal human intelligence, as " tools" or "renewable resources" or " models" or "commodities." It cannot be right, therefore, to treat other animals as if they were "tools," "models" and the like" (Regan,1997 pg 21).

Animal testing is a part of everyday life.  From the shampoos and conditioners that consumers buy to medicines that patients receive, many everyday products are tested on animals. Hampton (2010) says the new products testing is difference between humans and animals. Companies test the new products on animal protect people safety; people can buy the safe products and couldn't hurt them. Companies test on animals to ensure their products are safe not just for profit (Hampton,2010).

Animal testing has advanced human welfare and animal testing is necessary. Ranganatha (2012) "information is given about the institutions researching alternatives to animal testing and resources available to assist in searching for alternatives are listed. Ethical considerations on the alternative methods are also discussed. It is concluded that much greater effort should be put into overcoming the barriers to the acceptance of replacement alternatives which currently limit the contributions they have to make toward greater humanity and better biomedical science "(Ranganatha, 2012).

Animal testing can help save human lives. Some animal testing is done to promote a product or to understand the effects of those products. Anonymous (2012) without animal testing first,...
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