Animal Testing - Should It Be Legal, Is It Ethical?

Topics: Medicine, Animal testing, Psychology Pages: 2 (570 words) Published: December 1, 2008
Should it be legal, is it ethical? The subject is animal testing. This is a hot subject with many scientific researches and animal advocate groups. Both sides of this topic have valid opinions on the subject. This subject could go either way. Animals have been the main focus of scientific experiments for years, mostly for solutions to scientific problems or for the basis of theories. Or is it that scientists are conducting experiments and designing products the wrong way? Animal testing is one of the main ways scientists test new medicines. Once a new drug is found or created it is tested on an animal. This animal has had the disease or was given the disease by that scientist. The new medicine could cause the animal to recover or cause serious damage to the animal. The animal could help with a breakthrough in medicine or just be another victim of testing. This is one of the only ways scientists know for sure that their medicine works. Many medicines and other products that are used today are from successes in animal testing. In the 1940’s psychiatrist John Cade discovered that lithium helps a person that has maniac-depressive disorder by testing it out on guinea pigs. This was one of the first successful and productive animal tests in it’s history. These discoveries are very important to psychological health and treatment. Without this discovery many other types of medicines would not be possible. There are many other types of animal testing successes but one of the most successful ones are the ones that can relate back to human health and wellbeing. Arguably the greatest discovery ever made was when penicillin was created. This medicine was first tested on mice that were infected with staphylococci. Once the penicillin was given to the mice in a matter of days the mice were cured of any type of infection. After this test was successfully executed penicillin was introduced for human use and was used to cure many other types of diseases. Many of the...
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