Animal Testing Should Be Banned

Topics: Animal, Murder, The Animals Pages: 2 (448 words) Published: July 8, 2013
Kyle is a little white mouse who lives in a lab. Unlike others, he doesn’t have to worry about risking his life for food. But of course there are worse things. His mother was being cut alive to test for a reaction to certain products and his dad was being tested for different types of drugs, which made him lost the ability to see. Kyle knows his destiny, he’s still waiting for his day to come, and he’ll never forget the hopeless look in his mother’s eye. He watched his mother being rudely taking out of the cage, tortured and abused. He only hopes that someone will understand how he feels, but even that is too scary to think about.

Animal testing still exists, and also happens to be legal, which is ironic because it’s injustice and murder. The hidden murderers around us are killing innocent animals. Animal testing is physical abuse, which in turn affects the environment. Animals don’t have the ability to communicate with humans, but that doesn’t mean they deserve having their life taken away. Most animals that have been used for testing lost their ability to see or hear. Some have even died. Not to mention the chance of extinction. Certain animals’ DNA or cell tissues are also being used; it harms the skulls and makes unsafe reproduction. Surprisingly about 75% of the testing is for things like cosmetic, drugs and personal caring products. Animals have their own rights too; they do not deserve to be abused.

Another reason animal testing should be banned is that if it’s not taken care of, it often causes diseases and the flu. Animals in the lab are often under stress, this makes the results not trust-worthy compared to normal reactions. Also animals and human have different DNA patterns. The observation from animals can sometimes be wrong with humans. Certain animals are killed or abandoned in the wild after testing. Predators still hunt them, which ruin the environment, the food chain.

Scientists have discovered many new ways ensure our safety. Computer...
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