Animal Testing - Short Essay

Topics: Suffering, Human, The Animals Pages: 2 (489 words) Published: January 6, 2011
Beauty is pain. This is a saying almost all girls have heard growing up. But this saying takes different meaning in the cosmetic testing labs all around the world. When we put on our mascara in the morning we don’t often think, “Which animal suffered in the making of this?”. The ugly truth about beauty is that animals are put through painful and cruel tests so that people can have the luxury of being beautiful.

Bleeding, ulceration, swollen eyelids, and liver problems. These are all just some of the effects of this cruel kind of testing. Toxicity tests or as they are called poisoning tests are an example of studies performed on the animals. This is where the animals are fed a substance or through a tube in their throat to see what amount they candle handle until their toxicity level go up or until dead. Other cruel tests like skin iribility tests are done where the animal is restrained to prevent them from fighting back while the chemical is poured onto their skin. Animals have smaller blood vessels then humans that are distributed differently throughout their bodies; this makes it questionable why labs even test on animals because their skin reacts in different ways. About 50% of all animals used in animal testing die within 2 or 3 weeks after the testing and only 31% are euthanized to stop their suffering. The animals go through days and days of painful testing, only to result in their death. TestSkin and EpiPack are some of the substitutes that can be used instead of animal testing. TestSkin helps to measure skin irritancy and the procedure is done without any harm to animals because they use human skin grown in a sterile bag. EpiPack can help to determine if a substance is harmful and is done using cloned human skin. These alternatives don’t hurt any living creatures and could be used as a substitute. It’s also less expensive for companies to use as opposed to the use of animals. Sophisticated computer and mathematical models can also help in...
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