Animal Testing - Short Essay 3

Topics: Animal testing, The Animals, Testing cosmetics on animals Pages: 2 (605 words) Published: November 22, 2005
Animals are being killed in order to know if a product is safe for humans. Some products are meaningless due to the animals being too scared. The animals are caged for many years until the day of their death approaches. Animal testing is often used in cosmetics, household products, and chemicals.

In many cosmetics out there, an animal test was preformed. It is not required by law to do animal testing on cosmetics (Animals in product testing). It is morally wrong to test on animals. The animals might react different from the way a human being would react to the same substance. Millions of rabbits and other animals suffer painful eye and skin irritancy tests (Animals in product testing). Animals are killed for no good reason. The test could be unsuccessful and still the animals are dying. The tests preformed on animals are complete when 50 percent of the animals tested die (Animals in product testing). This type of test is extremely cruel. A variety of animals are dying because of the animal testing going on. There should be a law avoiding this type of tests, at least with cosmetics.

Household products are tested on animals as well. Some household products have logos of "not tested on animals" often referring to a finished product and not to the product's actual ingredients (Menge). Companies should not be misleading people into buying the product by placing the logo when it's not at all true. There should be at least a little bit of honesty. The animals tested with household products are also endured with horrific skin, eye and oral poisoning experiments (Menge). The animals used to test products may soon be in danger of extinction if animal testing continues. Every test tested on the animals is causing them pain. Even after the products have been tested before, the products are no less deadly if drank accidentally (Animals in product testing). Tests experienced regarding getting poisoned when drank are unnecessary because its common sense that its going to...
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