Animal Testing Kills

Topics: Organ, Animal testing, Toxicology Pages: 2 (494 words) Published: June 7, 2002
Hundreds of animals are dying everyday, and it can be avoided. Animal testing in thousands of companies is killing animals every day. In the essay They Knew But Little , the Kentuckians didn't care much about the environment, and today, there are still too many people that don't see that animal testing is cruel and unnecessary.

Toxicity tests are inconclusive. The Lethal Dose 50% test or LD- 50 forces increasing amounts of a test product until half of the test group dies. Animals are fed or injected with cosmetic
products... As the dose increases internal organs become blocked, rupture, and cause animals' organs to not function and they bleed on the inside. If the animals are not murdered in the test, they are killed afterwards. Toxicity tests determine the effective toxicity for animals but not humans. They determine the toxic level for mice, dogs, rabbits, cats and chimpanzees, but not for young or old men and women. Some animals die in the test as a result of the volume of material, not the toxicity of the material. Most important, is the number of animals that suffer unnecessarily: why pour drain cleaner down the throats of animals, when humans would never do such a thing?

Eye irritancy tests are outdated. Companies use the Draize Test to determine the irritancy of household products and cosmetics including laundry soap, toilet cleaner, perfumes and shampoos. The animal being tested on is tied up so that movement is

restricted. They are not given any pain killers or anything. Substances are dripped into the eyes of the animal ( usually rabbits in eye tests), and results are recorded over a period of three to twenty days. Some bad reactions result in irritation or blindness. Rabbit's eyes have thinner corneas, and are more sensitive to inflammation than humans eyes. That is why it doesn't make sense to test something on an eye that will react

differently to a humans.

Skin tests are also not very cute... They shave the area...
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