Animal Testing is Wrong

Topics: Animal testing, Testing cosmetics on animals, Animal rights Pages: 3 (921 words) Published: December 4, 2013

Persuasive Paper: Animal Testing is Wrong
In history, humans have used animals for testing things on. However, people forget the animals being tested on are suffering during these tests. There are ethical questions that come up when testing on animals. Many animal activists say there is no reason why a living creature should be tested on for another beings needs. Animal testing is very expensive, the animals they test on are not protected, and it is unethical.

Considering that most tests that pass through animals don't help humans. "92 out of 100 drugs that pass animal tests are either unsafe or fail in the clinical stages of testing"("Animal Testing"). Tests that the animals pass can react differently in humans." And of the small percentage that are approved for human use, half are relabeled because of side effects that were not identified in animal tests"(Animal Testing).

Although medical science's favourite critters relish temperatures of a little over 30{degree}C, laboratories routinely keep them at five or ten degrees below that. This is not in order to torture the beasts but, rather, because when kept warm they are unmanageably aggressive. The downside is that they have to eat more than they otherwise would, in order to keep their bodies warm. That changes their physiology. And that in turn alters the way they metabolise drugs, with possibly confusing results("Be Nice").

Scientists won't know for sure if a medicine will work in a human even if it works for the animals it was tested on. Some drugs were pulled from shelves in past years because of adverse reactions suffered by people. “Abelson comments that laboratory studies of chemicals and their use in risk assessment have not been shown to have substantiallybenefited human health”(Farland).

It would be more accurate to test on humans, but we can't without the persons consent. At some point in history humans did test on other humans.
Human experimentation...
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