Animal Testing: Beneficial

Topics: Animal testing, Animal rights, Medical research Pages: 3 (844 words) Published: May 23, 2010
Animal Testing: Beneficial
In the 1930s, Hitler passed anticruelty laws against animals in Germany. This seems strange considering the way Hitler treated humans during World War II. Various life-saving procedures have been discovered and perfected by animal testing. “How would you feel if the one research project that may save your child’s life was priced out of existence because pound animals were banned from testing” (Rowan 93). Without animal testing, humans would have to face the negative effects drugs and products can have before being perfected for human use. Some think animal testing is cruel although the provides endless advances.

Imagine how it would affect humans if there were no animal testing. If many of the drugs people take today were not first tested on animals, they would not be protected from the unknown symptoms the drug could cause. Life is of far greater value to a human, than to an animal with no self-awareness (Rowan 86). Animals do not appreciate and understand life the way humans do. Animals live for the moment and do not worry about the past or future. If testing was done on humans, they may live with not only the physical side effects of drugs, but also, it could affect one’s future. A drug may have a permanent ailment that a person would have to live with the rest of his life. Veterinarian Dr. George Poste said, “As a veterinarian and someone who has spent three decades in biomedical research in academia and the pharmaceutical industry, I know that animal research saves lives” (Poste). Although animal research saves lives, the main opposition to animal testing claims that it is cruel and inhumane. While it may sometimes appear animal testing is cruel and inhumane, studies show however; that in most facilities, animals are cared for and are not treated badly. “Whether an organization is private, non-profit, government based or at a university campus, the rules and regulations all apply to each facility....

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