Animal testing argumentative essay

Topics: Medicine, Immune system, Immunology Pages: 2 (452 words) Published: November 12, 2014
Argumentative Essay on Animal Testing ! AlexandraMatyas!!! In a country such as USA 26 million innocent animals are being experimented on for scientific and commercial testing. Animals such as mice, cats, dogs and many more are used to develop medical treatment. For example determine how toxic medicine can be, and to make sure of the safety in the products for humans. What happens in those labs is awful and frightening. Animals are addicted to drugs, anesthetized, get holes drilled into their heads and have growing tumors that are bigger than their body. These are only some of the few cruelties that are being done there. !!! Con arguments!! Obviously it's very cruel to the animals but there are other good reasons such as: !! It gives inaccurate results and can mislead scientists to ignore the possible cure and treatments. The results of animal testing are being used to make sure that particular medicine or cosmetic product would have any side effects on humans. The animals body system is very different from ours, and that is why we can not trust the results. For example, Aspirin is used for treatment of fever and pain in humans, but it is very toxic for mice.!! Animal testing is expensive. To raise and then test on animals requires a lot of resources. They need food and to have their other needs fulfilled. Experimental animals need a certain amount and type of food depending on the purpose of the experiment. Protection has to be provided when animals are being experimented on, and it costs a lot to create an artificial environment for those experiments.!! Pro arguments !! Proponents to animal experiments often say that it has contributed to many life-saving treatments, but there is no actual proof that animal testing was necessary for medical development. If we put enough money and resources were into animal-free methods, we could find other solutions !!! They say that there are no other or better alternatives. I can not agree with this. Today we have developed...
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