Animal Testing

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Animal Testing
Why cosmetics on animals
has been banned in the E.U

What is Animal Testing?
New cosmetics need to be tested on animals to make sure they work and are safe for use on humans. However, there is
controversy of whether or not animals should be used.

There are 3 main stages of drugs & cosmetics
testing :
1.The drugs are tested using computer models and human cells grown in the laboratory.
2.If the drugs are declared safe on the first step, there will be tests on animals. a known amount of the substance will be given to the animals and then they will be monitored for any sideeffects and safety. 3.Should the drugs be safe after the tests on animals, they are tested once again on healthy volunteers for safety and if it is, the cosmetics are ready to use.

Is Animal Testing Benificial?


1.Helps researchers to find
drugs and treatments: Animal
testing aids research in curing
diseases and the finding of
new medicines and treatments

1.Animals are killed or kept in
captivity: In animal testing,
countless animals are
experimented on and the
experiments are likely to kill
them .Those who live will live
the remainder of their lives in



2.Helps ensure safety of
drugs: Animal testing helps to
ensure the safety of drugs and
many other substances humans
use or are exposed to regularly.
Drugs in particular can carry
significant dangers with their
use but animal testing allows
researchers to initially gauge the
safety of drugs prior to
commencing trials on humans.

2.Some substances tested,
may never be used for
anything useful: Many of the
substances which animals are
tested for will never see
approval or public
consumption and use.



3.Alternative methods of
testing do not simulate
humans in the same way:
Scientists typically use animals
for testing purposes because
they are considered the closest
match to humans.

3.It is very expensive: Animal
testing generally costs an
enormous amount of money,
as the animals must be fed,
housed, cared for and treated
with drugs or a similar
experimental substance.

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