Animal Testing

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Animal testing
There is a long history of experimentation on animals, especially in the medical and cosmetic professions. Many people argue that humanity and science would not be where anywhere near where it is today if it were not for animal experimentation However, with advancements in medical and scientific technology, animal testing is no longer a defensible practice. It is no longer cost effective to test on animals and it also is morally wrong to force another being to test something with no say. So there needs to be laws in place to not allow companies to test animals, especially in such harsh ways like they do now. It is a very serious thing because animals are being treated wrongly, and while people think in the past it was necessary to cure diseases and test new drugs, the advances in technology have cause it to be a very obsolete way to go about it. I plan on having people who can vote have a law passed that allows for the illegalization of all animal testing. There haven’t really been any other attempts to stop animal testing, other than the movement that within the last year they have stopped testing on apes.

The people I am going to be trying to persuade will be voters. Voters are from ages 18 and older, so this demographic is most of society. Society as a whole is starting to give more meaning to everything, and is more sentimental than previously. I am going to appeal to the emotion and also the logical side and show people that animal testing is out of date financially and also causes so much harm to animals. This will cause people to understand that animal testing is a poor way to go about findings things out about new drugs. The new law of no animal testing will appeal to them because it will give them a peace of mind that animals are no longer being hurt. My solution to animal testing is to get rid of it completely with new laws that will have strict repercussions to companies that test animals. This will save people money because animal testing is very expensive, and it will also save the animals the trouble of being tested. The way they are treated is horrible, and it is not fair at all to animals that they must be tested on, especially with the new advances in technology. It will fully solve the problem of animal testing since they will no longer be tested on. The costs of this wouldn’t be as great as people would expect due to the new ways technology has been capable of testing new products. Scientists in Europe are close to creating a replica system of human organs to test their new drugs on. They also have already created an almost exact replica of human skin to test makeup on, and they are phasing out using chimps and apes for testing, so why not all animals? It might take a bit of work at first to get used to not having animals to test on, but it certainly could work and science would not be set back. It would also be cheaper to not test on animals because the cost of testing animals, housing them, and feeding them is very high. With the new law of no more animal testing animal testing animals will no longer have to go through the pain and suffering of being tested on and put through so much. Animal experimentation is a very abusive method of finding the required information on certain drugs and other things they test animals on. Poor regulation about the procedures that can be done to animals allows for abusive experiments. Abuse is allowed in research because the only U.S. law that governs the use of animals in laboratories, the Animal Welfare Act, allows animals to be burned, shocked, poisoned, isolated, starved, forcibly restrained, addicted to drugs, and brain-damaged. According to Andre Claire and Manuel Velasquez “95% of animals used in experiments are not protected by the federal Animal Welfare Act, which excludes birds, rats and mice bred for research, and cold-blooded animals such as reptiles and most fish.” So now even with the...

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