Animal Testing

Topics: Animal testing, Medical research, Testing cosmetics on animals Pages: 3 (831 words) Published: March 8, 2014
Animal Testing: a Vital Necessity
In order to save people’s lives animal testing is necessary. 43% of adults in the United States say they are against animal testing (Alas). Yet most the adults who say they are against animal testing take medicine and use products that all have been tested on animals. The advances made from animal testing have increased our biomedical technology significantly. Almost every breakthrough we have had has some part of animal testing. Without animal testing the alternate measures that would have to be taken would be unimaginable. Also the conditions of the animals are humane and commonly miss-represented. With all these benefits, I think it is very clear we need animal testing. Numerous people believe that animal testing is un-necessary. Regardless, animal testing is key in life saving treatments where, “Animal studies allow us to test potential treatments without confounding factors, such as prior drug use and other experiences that complicate human studies” (Proquest Staff). You can tell your family or friend who has suffered from and received treatment for cancer, strokes, heart disease, diabetes, Parkinson’s or Alzheimer’s ,which all have treatments that benefited from animal testing that a treatment, that possibly saved their life shouldn’t have been developed because they were tested on animals which is “un-necessary” (Alas).

Adversaries of animal tests say we test on animals when we don’t need to, but what are the other options? If we didn’t test on animals what other alternative do we have? In Germany the Nazis decided not to test on animals instead, “children there were tested and any who performed below standards in intelligence or behavior tests were sent to a “special department” where they would be studied, examined and usually killed” (Vine). This is one, but not the only example in which animal testing is the best option for testing. Who are you to say that, “A new approach to cancer vaccines has successfully...

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