animal should't be used for research

Topics: Human, Animal rights, Vivisection Pages: 2 (540 words) Published: February 24, 2014
Scientific researches often use animals like rat, rabbit and cat for testing the new chemical. To achieve good success, having been killing a large amount of animals causes controversy for decades. In the world, many groups and organizations are debating whether or not animal testing must be banned. In my opinion, I believe that it should be stop for many reasons. First of all, people converse over the inhumane way that scientists treat animal in experiments. Animals have the right to survive as much as human do, so we must rethink about the morality of animal testing. Animal experiments are protecting human being health. They are routinely cut open, poisoned and then caged for weeks, months, or even a year. Some of them are given disease to consider whether a new drug will work or it has side effects. As a result, they are killed by researchers in order to see the degree of damage in their bodies. Both humans and animals are living body, so animals can feel pain that we as humans feel. Thus, why don’t we criticize these immoral researches for recusing those animals? Some people claim that test on animals is unnecessary and waste of money. The result of research on animals doesn’t mean it will exactly work on humans. Animals cannot be compared to humans when finding out what product or drug is competent for humans to use, because of differences in hormone and genetic structure. For example, thousands of chimpanzees have been used in useless experiments to find a cure for AIDS, but it is now known, while AIDS kills humans, it won't kill chimpanzees. Otherwise, only nine percent of products which are tested on animals actually make it to the market. In addition, there are 12 billion dollars have been spent on these tests, which should be given to a better cause. In contrast, others believe that there are reasons why animal experiment should be done. The successful research treatments including vaccines, antibiotics and other new chemical have been developed with...
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