Animal Rights Movement

Topics: Animal rights, Animal welfare, Cruelty to animals Pages: 2 (1169 words) Published: October 20, 2014

Mitchel Moles
English 10
9 October 2014
Animal Rights Movement
Are animals just things? Or do they deserve to be treated with equal kindness as humans? The prevention of animal cruelty has traced back in time for centuries. This movement became important in early 19th century England and later in the United States. What is it? The animal rights movement is a collection of diverse individuals and groups concerned with protecting animals from perceived abuse or misuse. Supporters are specifically concerned with the use of animals for medical and cosmetics testing, the killing of animals for furs, hunting for pleasure, etc (Infoplease). Thus, humanitarian reformers gather to protect animals from cruelty and be their voice in which they can’t speak. Why are animal rights important? Not many people take daily tasks, foods, and materials into consideration because they are seen as “things”. Humans grew up having at least a leather material, eaten a McDonalds burger, gone to a zoo, or fished. However, society does not realize what impact it has on the animals involved (Peta). Animals have worth which is needed to be recognized. They have the capacity to feel pain, suffering, pleasure, fear, frustration, and love. So it is important to establish animal rights laws for those who cannot speak our human language. As Tom Regan puts it, the goals for animal rights would be the total abolition of the use of animals in science; the total dissolution of commercial animal agriculture; and the total elimination of commercial and sport hunting and trapping (Regan). Regarding legal terms, the first attempt to enact anti-cruelty laws in England was made by William Wilberforce who, by linking his anti-slavery movement, introduced a bill in the Parliament. Wilberforce established a bill against bull baiting, however this was declined in the House of Commons. In 1809 Erskine introduced a bill that prohibited animal cruelty to all domestic animals. This was fortunately...
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