Animal Rights Essay

Topics: Suffering, Animal rights, Human Pages: 3 (1086 words) Published: June 1, 2010
“It is one thing to say that the suffering of a nonhuman animal, just as the suffering of us humans, is a bad thing in itself. It is another to say that we or the nonhuman animals have a right not to be caused to suffer or feel pain (MacKinnon, 382).” Most of the time, when people think of animals, they think of something furry, cuddly, feathery, slimy, and something with a beak or lots of sharp teeth. However, many people do not think of life, a beating heart, feelings and receptiveness to stimulants. Take a minute to stop and think of this; after all, animals are not just big fluffy things, they are living, breathing, creatures that have been given a life just as we humans have. When it comes to whether or not animals are just objects for us to experiment on and help us, I think of what animals truly are and I feel as if this is wrong. Although I do not feel that animals should have the same rights that humans have, I also do not feel as if they should just be experimental objects. Mackinnon states, “Even those who support animal rights sometimes agree that the uses of animals in experimentation can be ethically supported if they serve important and worthwhile purposes (386).” I support the reformist position in means that which allows people to eat meat, requires certain size cages and ventilation, however, I do not agree with animal experimentation. Peter Singer states, “Nonhuman animals lack certain capacities that human animals possess, and that this may justify different treatment. But it does not justify giving less consideration to their needs and interests (MacKinnon, 398).” His position has merit which causes one to stand behind the same beliefs as he does and feel that animals should have similar rights that people have because they too feel pain and experience emotions and just because they look different does not mean that they are that much different than us. Animals are used for a variety of different tests. Humans are important, but...
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