Animal Rescue

Topics: Animal welfare, Dog, Pet adoption Pages: 3 (942 words) Published: May 2, 2013
ENG101 1p.m.
Argumentative Essay

We should never abandon the animal once we rear them
“We should never abandon the animal once we rear them.” This is the most profound and emotional feeling that I acquired from last summer. One early morning, my grandma went to a park to exercise as usual. She met the newborn kitten again which she had been fond of for a few days. Grandma watched the strayed kitten playing with her mother and she found that it was so adorable. She just grabbed the kitten and then put it into a paper bag and brought it home. I was astonished when I found out there was a little thrilling cat hiding at the corner of the balcony. Hustling for a while, I placated the kitten and told grandma that she shouldn’t have done this. We struggled about whether we should put her back or not, but finally, we decided to keep it, thinking that we at least could help one stray cat though I felt extremely guilty and sorry to her mother. I gave her a name “PardPard”. She used a couple days to adapt her new environment and I totally loved her. However, a few weeks later grandma didn’t find her adorable anymore because of the troublesome rearing works. She wanted to send PardPrad to a shelter and I begged her not to do that. Unfortunately, she still sent her to the shelter secretly when I was not at home. My heart was torn apart and I was utterly frustrated. Trying to remedy, I found the address of the shelter and pick my darling PardPrad back. No one in the family wanted to keep the kitten anymore, in fact, they prohibited it. I tried my best to combat and even only let her move around my room. That was really a hard time. Pathetically, PardPard died a few days later from getting back to home from the shelter. She was confirmed infected with “Feline Panleukopenia”. I feel like heartache whenever I talk about this. It is an eternal pain imprinted to the inside of me, forever. I can never forgive myself for the failure of protection. Once a person who...
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