animal protection

Topics: Dog, Neutering, Adoption Pages: 2 (557 words) Published: October 27, 2014

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Animal control official: Social media helping save animals
January 25, 2014
By Emily CroweCNJ staff
Thanks to the power of social media, more animals than ever in Clovis are being saved from certain death. According to Animal Control Supervisor Marty Martinez, the Clovis shelter allows local animal rescue groups to snap and post photos of the shelter’s dogs and cats and post them on Facebook. While adoption numbers ebb and flow through the years, the shelter saw an increase in the number of dogs and cats adopted in the past few years, with 488 total in 2011; 656 in 2012; and 691 last year.

CNJ staff photo: Emily CroweAnimal Control Officer Carrina Hungerford tends to a dog found outside Clovis High School. Martinez said social media is the driving force behind the increased number of adoptions at the shelter. “Social media is completely new, it’s a whole new ball game,” he said. “It’s just using it properly, and that’s going to help.” Tami Hamilton, foster director for Hope Defined Animal Rescue, said the organization also sends photos of the animals to its partners in Colorado. “They then come back and say ‘I want that dog,’” she said. “At that point, I come in, I pull the dog and I put it into foster care. We get it fully vetted, minus the spay and neuter, which the other rescue does. Then we do transports every two weeks to Colorado.” Animals taken in and adopted out by Hope Defined are counted in the shelter’s adoption tally each year. Occasionally, the shelter will receive animals that are not adoptable to the public, such as livestock, chicken, ducks, hawks and even coyotes. Many of these of animals go to the Hillcrest Park Zoo for...
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