Animal Markings

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Animal marking
George Ridley
August 02, 2012
Monte Gast

Animal marking
Beautiful at first sight, harmful or is it? Whether hiding or warning, animal markings are colorful, attractive, and remarkable, and always serve a purpose in nature. No matter the meaning or purpose of the markings on some of the deadly, clever and thriving species, are very interesting in most reader’s eye. Concerning to colors species either have those they are born with or they have colors that change according to the background they are in. “The chameleon is the most well-known animal that uses camouflage; it can change its color quickly depending on its environment” says (M Tan 2011). This is possible for the chameleon to do because of the many cells in the skin that neurologically controlled and affected by the nerves. Camouflage is all about blending to survive and as far as blending goes animals are hiding from predators or the other way around. Four basic factors in camouflage first is the surrounding habitat, second the animals behavior or lifestyle, third are the behaviors and characteristics of the predators that eats that animal and finally the physiology affecting coloration meaning feathered and furred creatures would hide very differently. Animals also stay a solid color there whole life, take for example, the polar bear; white its entire life to conceal them in the snow. The same applies to the brown grizzly bear using its color to blend with the trees and the mountains, these are labeled as Cryptic camouflage, the other most commonly known is disruptive camouflage seen is open plains areas on the zebra for example, as a herd animal in the open the zebra has multiple black and white stripes. Most say the pattern is cool and want it in their cars and on notebooks, while cool the pattern saves zebra lives daily confusing predators to the point that they have no idea where one zebra ends or begins, this makes some predators not even want to try and...

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