Animal Liberation

Topics: Nazi Germany, Slaughterhouse, Animal Pages: 1 (353 words) Published: August 28, 2013
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I know some people would expect a humorous introduction. Well you know what, there is nothing ‘funny’ about human and animal liberation. We, the believers of this cause and the worlds future leaders, need to take into account the cruelty in this world and put a stop to it. For those who don’t know; Animal liberation is the notion that all animals, regardless of their species, deserve freedom from exploitation and oppression. That means no cages, no owners, and no cruelty. Human liberation is the notion that all humans, regardless of their sex, race, sexual preference, age, economic class, physical ability, etc., deserve freedom from exploitation and oppression. This means no slavery, no harassment, and no discrimination. But still, animals are beaten, caged and owned, and humans are harassed, discriminated, and in slavery. Why is that? Have you ever considered that animal liberation and human liberation could be the same? When we dislike a woman, we call her a ‘bitch’. When the Third Reich (Nazi Germany-The Holocaust) developed methods that supported the mass killings of people, the mimicked mass killings of the Chicago slaughter houses. A slaughter house worker states that “I’ve taken out my job pressure and frustration on the animals, on my wife... and on myself, with heavy drinking”. Are these just coincidences? These are not just coincidences. They show that the oppression of nonhuman animals have the same roots of oppression within dominant culture as the oppression of humans. Exploitation and oppression need to be stopped. We need to fight for liberation. We cannot make a systematic change in society without a full analysis of power and domination. Challenging the oppression of one group requires us to understand the oppression of others and challenge the oppression of all. We need to look at...
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