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Topics: Freezing, Water, Lip Pages: 2 (426 words) Published: January 14, 2014
 Philip Meyer
Unit EO5: Descriptive Essay
My Animal in Action
October 3, 2013
5th draft

My Rats in Action
I wrote about rats since I have two at home. I chose this exact moment ccause i will never forget and sometimes I can see and even feel the events that happened. If you think rats are not good, stupid, and dirty than watch out and don’t read this paper but if you decide to read it than beware of me changing your mind?.

Schelmi and Ccharlie ran around me on the black,leather sofa while I was lying there falling asleep, by the rhythm of their tiny paws and their happiness sound( which sounds allot like sneezing). I was watching them and suddenly I lost Sschelmi out of sight. Then I felt something crawling up my leg in side, my pants and I just had to laugh. Loud, booming creaks came up the stairs and both rats froze, but it was only my mom coming up the stairs.

She put something on the couch that I couldn't identify. Then suddenly out of nowhere I heard a loud, crunching noise that startled me. I turned my head and was relieved that it was only charlie chewing on some salad. Charlie was sitting on my hand and I felt something wet. First I thought it was water from the piece of salad but then I saw she didn't have any salad so it must have been pee. I jumped up and started toward the bbathroom and washed my hand in freezing water.

Then I had a major lip operation by Ccharlie. She came to me and started to nibble and lick my lips. It had felt so weird and I started giggling and laughing so she stopped. Suddenly andI saw Sschelmi flying through the air and landing on my head. Something was pulling my hair and when I reached back and sensed nothing, I started grabbing around and found Sschelmi between my fingers. She tried to struggle out but I had her tight. I petted her a llittle and then I had to put them back in their cages.

I watched them run around in their cage and trying toro get out of those white bars...
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