Animal Farms

Topics: Animal Farm, The Animals Pages: 4 (1356 words) Published: October 7, 2013
Question: Write the importance in the book ^ÓAnimal Farm^Ô of Squealer. Sly, greedy, crafty, these are just a few characteristics that describe Squealer. Squealer is also a messenger, an actor, a persuasive speaker, a follower, and a liar. He^s nimble, he^s clever, he^s manipulative and most of all he^s sneaky. Squealer uses his intelligence to persuade the other animals into doing what Napoleon wants, when they don^t really want to do it. He uses his craftiness and cunning to deceive the animals into thinking that he is on their side and that he^s doing all he can to help them. His acting ability can mislead the animals into thinking that he^s one of their closest friends and that he can be trusted with all their secrets. Squealers slick style makes him an important character in the book ^Animal Farm^. Squealer is first introduced in chapter 2, and he commits his first deed in chapter 3. This deed is an example of Squealers persuasive speaking. Snowball and all the other pigs decided that Squealer should tell all the other animals that all the windfall apples would be collected and given to the pigs. The pigs also wanted extra milk to be mixed in with their mash. Squealer explains to the other animals that the pigs are taking the apples and milk merly for their health. He uses this excuse to persuade the animals into thinking that they should give them the extra food and drink. He says to them ^Comrades! You do not imagine, I hope, that we pigs are doing this in selfishness and privilege?^ He then goes on to say ^Milk and apples (this has been proved by science, comrades) contain substances absolutely necessary to the wellbeing of a pig. We pigs are brain workers, the organisation of the farm totally depends on us^. Squealer says that the pigs are taking the apple! s and milk in the good of the other animals because, he says that Jones will come back if they don^t. This immediately makes the animals want...
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