Animal Farm: The Failure to Improve

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Honors English- Animal Farm Essay
The Failure to Improve
Society ultimately becomes what it hates the most in order to continually keep moving forward into the future. This is the same for the animals in Animal Farm; they have human aspects in order to give a better understanding even though animals dislike humans. The animals are failing to make living like humans better than the humans do. Lifestyle of the pigs is far better than any of the other animals on the farm and it is seemingly unfair. Although the animal’s lifestyle is improving, it still seems that all the other animals are not being given the same treatment as the pigs have.

The commandments are a model for all the animals to follow, but they are not really needed. On Animal Farm “the commandments are being written on the [tarred] wall with great white letters” (Orwell 24).The seven commandments be seen as a dynamic character because of their change in meaning or what they are thought to mean, but are changing because of Squealer’s propaganda. With this the genre of Animal Farm is also the best example of what Stalin is doing in Russia. Although something may not be evenly in comparison there is a greater reason behind it.

Boxer is the strongest and hardest working of all the animals, but he is also one that is least of value to all the pigs. Boxer’s maxims, “I will work harder(Orwell 125)” is a reminder to all the animals of what he and Animal Farm stands for. The motif of Boxer’s maxim is a perfect example for all the animals to follow. Also the animal’s only real motivation to work harder is that they all do not want Mr. Jones to return. Working hard for anything that has meaning pays off in the end.

The success of all the animals has nothing to do with the pigs. “All animals are working like slaves, except the pigs (Orwell 59).” The windmill is a symbol of life to all the animals; it is their only reason for living. Napoleon’s...
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