Animal Farm Sociological Analysis

Topics: Social class, Animal Farm, The Animals Pages: 2 (844 words) Published: October 30, 2013
It seemed like Old Major had a great idea. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if the animals on the farm could live without the tyranny of men? They could be happy, free, well fed, and treated with dignity. To get this, they would first need to overthrow the humans who own them. To succeed, they would have to completely become equal with one another; and most importantly, they could not take on human behaviors. The animals portrayed in “Animal Farm” were unable to achieve their utopian state for many reasons. These reasons parallel other governments and societies that attempted the same utopian goals. One reason that the animals were unable to maintain their utopian society was that they could not actually implement a structure where “all animals were equal.” Their structure quickly grew into one of class stratification. In the beginning, all animals were unified against the common enemy of Farmer Jones. Once Farmer Jones is eliminated they quickly develop a new set of class divisions between intellectual animals and those that do physical labor. The pigs became the intellectual ones and began to manipulate the society for their benefit. Once the division of animals started, they know longer had complete solidarity and equality with one another. The animals also faced an abuse of power by the pigs. Just as Famer Jones had in the animal’s eyes abused his power by taking the fruits of their labor and not giving back to them, so did the pigs on Animal Farm. In the beginning, the animals collectively embrace Old Major’s vision, but after Major is killed, the pigs start twisting the meaning of his words. Just as the animals could not oppose Farmer Jones, the animals cannot oppose the pigs who are abusing their power, causing the animals to live in fear, and taking more from the other the animals than they ever return back to them. For example, the pigs take all of the apples and milk and do not share with the other working animals. The pigs go so far as to take...
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