Animal Farm Research Paper 2

Topics: Sociology, Animal Farm, Social class Pages: 3 (1120 words) Published: November 30, 2010
In George Orwell’s novella, Animal Farm, he explains the diversity of the social classes. The novella accentuates the importance of leadership being involved with social class. He uses the pigs of the story to allow the reader to see that even though the farm wants freedom, social classes are evolved through the use of leadership. The pigs are taking control over the lands by making rules, taking over certain areas, and wanting more than anyone else. Snowball tried to be the leader of the farm amongst the assortment of pigs, but he never knew how he was treating the others in reality. Napoleon usurped and began to send the farm into more dictatorship and tribulation. Social classes were brought out in this novella because of the presence of leadership, and wherever leadership is, there will be diversity amongst the society.

The first evidence that Orwell provides to the reader that leadership involves social class is when Napoleon takes Jessie’s puppies to raise them to be guards. The social class of the farm is divided into the Upper, which are the pigs, the Middle, which are the guardian puppies, and the Lower, which are the other animals like Boxer. In this following quote it allows the reader to see how conniving Napoleon really is in trying to usurp the farm: “He would make himself responsible for their education…the farm soon forgot their existence” (41). In this quote it is evident that Napoleon is making up excuses to form his own army, like take care of their education. This is where social class comes into affect. Napoleon wanted to rule and take over and make the puppies be his guardians so no one could harm him. The K1 Internet Publishing discusses the issues that Orwell brought out in Animal Farm about Napoleon being a ruler. This is evident in their following quote: “The use of the dogs begins the evil use of force which helps Napoleon maintain power” (Kollár 5-6). Napoleon is using the dogs as a way to make himself more powerful. Presidents...

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