Animal Farm Questions

Topics: Animal Farm, Mammal, Intelligence Pages: 4 (1188 words) Published: February 11, 2014
Chapter One
1. How is Mr. Jones Portrayed in the first chapter?
Mr. Jones is portrayed as a human, and a drunk, but by Old Major as typical, the root problem of their troubles. 2. The animals that gather to hear Major’s speech each mirror single human’s trait. What trait is revealed in Clover? Boxer? Benjamin? The Cat? The Dogs? What is a significant about the pigs and the raven? Clover- motherly and warm hearted

Boxer- an over worker
Benjamin- pessimistic
The Cat- lazy, tired
The Dogs- can read
Pigs- smart, can read, can write, can almost do anything a human can Raven- spy
3. Why is man the enemy of the animals?
Man is the enemy because humans abuse and take the products the animals make. The animals secretly hate man because of everything they do. 4. What is the political statement that emerges from Major’s dream? Major has a dream in which the animals could live in a way, where Mr. Jones was not there caretaker or had no caretaker. When Major makes the song Beast of England, this is his political statement. This in a way helps the animals imagine the farm without a caretaker. 5. What is Major’s warning to the animals?

Major warns the animals that his time of the farm is coming to an end. Which means Old Major will soon die. 6. What are the evil human habits against which Major particularly warns the animals? Old Major tells the animals about how the humans work them to every last bit of their strength just to give them enough food just to survive another day, and how they end up killing them to give themselves more food and money. 7. How does major describe the equality of the animals?

Major tells the animals that they are all equal in every way, and that they should never resemble man. 8. Describe the kind of world Major dreams?
Major dreams of a farm without any humans to boss and abuse them. Major dreams of no pain and suffering on the farm. His dream has enough food to last them their entire lifetime and no more animals will be dying...
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