Animal Farm Propaganda

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“One false step and our enemies would be upon us. Surely, comrades, you do not want Jones back?” The characters of Animal Farm were deceived by many types of propaganda used by Napoleon and Squealer to twist the animals’ minds to be in favor with any manipulative ideas that were used against them (70). Squealer had stated above that the notorious farmer Jones would return to the farm if the pigs are not well taken care of to make sure Animalism does not fail. Squealer was using a propaganda approach called “appeal to fear” to alter the other animals’ focus onto defending from their worst fear. This is just a minuscule display of the many uses of propaganda demonstrated in Animal Farm. Language is a useful but also dangerous means of social control but for one to avoid being manipulated they must think for one’s elf and break the restricting chains of ignorance and be released into the freedom of independence.

The pigs Napoleon and Squealer were clever and selfish leaders who would do anything to receive what they sought out. Their weapon of choice was language and propaganda to control the barn. For example, to gain more power Napoleon confiscated the puppies of Jessie the Dog and told her that it was strictly to give them the proper education, while their “education” taught them that Snowball was their enemy and he needed to be exiled. One could say that Napoleon and Squealer instrumented the type of propaganda called Glittering Generality by using only a half-truth to force Jessie the Dog to sacrifice her puppies. By using this type of propaganda they successfully swindled Jessie and won power over everyone in the farm. Language and propaganda are dangerous tools that can control the masses.

In the exact ways shown in Animal Farm, all corporations and politicians use propaganda to corrupt the public’s minds to think in any way they find useful. Examples are shown everywhere we look: television, magazines, billboards,...
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