Animal Farm- Napoleon and Stalin

Topics: Leon Trotsky, Animal Farm, George Orwell Pages: 3 (798 words) Published: May 16, 2013
Yhamen Krayem
Professor Scott Morley phD
15 May 2013
Joseph Stalin and Animal Farm
Towards the climax of the novel, readers witness Napoleon rising to power on Animal Farm. What readers may not realize is the resemblance of this character’s qualities and those of Joseph Stalin during the Russian Revolution. These similarities and how writer George Orwell expresses them will be discussed in this paper. Animal Farm is an allegory using the character Napoleon to represent Joseph Stalin. To begin, both figures shared the same historical background and rose to power in a parallel manner.

Birth and Bring up
From birth they carried the same memories from being a ‘peasant-class’ which meant for poverty and starvation for both parties. Under the totalitarian figures such as Czar Nicholas II of Russia and Mr. Jones of Manor farm, Stalin and Napoleon were subject to weeks of starvation, inapt support and were completely disregarded by these big-headed figures (Britannica, 2013). This was made evident on page 7 of the novel when Mr. Jones had not ‘bothered to feed the animals’ Napoleon inclusive. However, they both rose from this situation through controlling their roles as politicians, regardless of how unimportant they seemed to be. For example, during their roles as General Secretary and Right-hand man (or pig), they both found their way to gain allies and supporters, be it other secretaries or even ‘nine sturdy puppies’ [P. 17] as both proved helpful for their rise to power (Britannica, 2013). As time went on, their defeat of other leaders and twists on truths to control citizens made this connection of character history and traits very clear (Britannica, 2013).

Rise and Leadership:
Trotsky and Snowball, were both destroyed by Stalin and Napoleon in order to improve their own public images. In Stalin’s case, he had power over media and used this for propaganda and censorship in order for the people to agree with his pointless causes (Britannica, 2013). As for...
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