Animal Farm: Its Characters and Their Philosophies and Ideologies

Topics: Animal Farm, Marxism, Leon Trotsky Pages: 4 (1028 words) Published: December 17, 2012
Loraine Mae R. Asuncion
AB Political Science 2

Marjorie Tayurang-Sobradil

Animal Farm was a novel of George Orwell, then later developed into a animated film directed by John Halas and Joy Batchelor. The criticisms mainly on the movie Animal Farm was centered on the philosophies of the characters. The twists of the story were brought by the rise of the ideologies of each of the characters. Though my reaction paper is generally focusing on the profiles of the main characters, the point are very understandable and you will easily be able to catch up what are the ideologies reflected in the movie.

Old Major
Ideology: Communism/ Marxist Leninist
Reflection: Karl Marx
Old Major Berkshire Boar who provides the political philosophy on which Animal Farm is founded. His philosophy of Animalism is a mixture of Marx and Lenin. As an idealist, he shows the animals how their lives are miserable, enslaved, laborious, and unhappy under the cruelty of Farmer Jones and inspires them to revolt sometime in the future. He wants to establish a utopian society on the farm, a heaven on earth, where the animals live happily in equality, freedom, and plenty. His dreams, however, are not concrete; he never had a plan for implementation and he died surprisingly. Even after the burial, the common animals speak about Old Major and consider him their hero. Snowball

Ideology: Communism/ Trotskyism
Reflection: Leon Trotsky
Snowball is one of the pre-eminent pigs who is a contender for leadership of Animal Farm. He is more intelligent, quicker in speech, and more inventive than Napoleon. He is also much more concerned about the welfare of all the animals. He proves that he is a good thinker, strategist, and planner. He not only plans the 'Battle of Cowshed' in advance, but also fights bravely during the battle and is acclaimed a hero and decorated after the victory. He also compresses the Seven Commandments to a simple maxim or slogan: 'Four legs good, two legs...
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