Animal Farm Essay Outline

Topics: Communism, Vladimir Lenin, Leon Trotsky Pages: 4 (693 words) Published: April 23, 2013
Ronald Jones


Miss. Cormier

12 April 2013

Animal Farm

(Essay Outline)

Essay topic: The Comparison of The Russian Revolution to the novel Animal Farm

Potential title of essay: The Communist Comparison

Thesis statement: George Orwell's novel “Animal Farm” is clearly defined as a children’s story, but it proves to be a comparison of the Russian Revolution. The events that take place in the book are closely related to the actual events from the revolution, and the animals are also historically referred to as the Communist leaders that took part in the revolution like, Leon Trotsky, Joseph Stalin, Karl Marx, and more. Orwell had a reasoning for this practical comparison, and this will be proven throughout the essay.


Idea of Paragraph 1:

My opinion on the topic
The comparison between the historical event and the novel How it is compared
Introduction to the topic of my essay

Idea of Paragraph 2:

Talk about one of my strongest argument that supports my opinion of the topic Which characters represented each of the communist leaders If the comparison between both sides was accurate
How the characters in the novel and the communist leaders are closely portrayed

Idea of Paragraph 3:

My weakest argument that I must find ways to support
What made him interested in the topic
Has his written work in the past ever related to other historical events around the world Why George Orwell chose to compare his novel to the Russian Revolution

Idea of Paragraph 4:

Explain thoroughly my strongest argument of my essay
How everything played out in both the novel and the revolution The result and the significance of the comparison
What communism leads to and causes

Idea of Paragraph 5 (Conclusion):

Conclusion of all the discussion throughout the essay
What the audience has come to realized throughout the novel Orwell's reasoning to his comparison
A wrap...
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