Animal Farm Essay

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In the novella Animal Farm there were numerous amounts of characters but only a few were the most worthy to lead the Farm. In the story, the pigs were the leaders of the farm which turned out to be a bad decision for the animals. There were other animals on the farm besides Napoleon like Muriel or Snowball who were fit to lead, they just didn’t speak up because they were afraid, or they were chased off of the farm. Of course animals like rats or sheep don’t have a lot of say on the farm either because of their size or stupidity. Animals like the horses or Muriel the goat would have been worthy to lead the farm because they had big parts in the story and they were always talking in front of large groups of animals. The animal who is the most worthy to lead is Snowball because he is great at strategizing for battle, he is inspiring, all of the animals like him, and he is very brave. Snowball is one of the smartest animals on the farm if not the smartest animal. Snowball wants to help improve the Animal Farm and help it succeed. He is the most fit to lead out of any of the other animals on the farm.

Snowball was excellent at organizing plans to prepare for battle, but most important was that all of the animals liked him. He inspired the animals to fight against Jones and his army and he also led them into battle on the front lines. ”Snowball now launched his second line of attack. Muriel, Benjamin, and all the sheep, with Snowball at the head of them rushed forward” (Orwell 47). He proved that he would die for the animals when he was shot by a gun. That is a very noble act when it comes to leadership. Snowball was a hero of that battle but all of his credit was given to Napoleon. Napoleon brainwashed the animals to believe that Snowball was a traitor and that he was the real hero of the battle even though he wasn’t. Snowball’s heroism was stripped from him and he fled the farm to avoid being killed, not because he was a coward or a traitor.

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