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By emilyhollingsworth Feb 24, 2014 633 Words
Imagine starving daily, with intense pain in your stomach! That’s how the animals on Manor Farm live every day, while Jones is there. Old Major, a stout old pig, in the novel Animal Farm, has a dream and wants to tell all the animals about it. Old Major has a secret meeting in the barn. Old Major’s dream was about rebelling against Mr. Jones, a human leader, on Manor Farm. After the rebellion was planned, Old Major soon died, leaving it up to the other animals to have a successful rebellion. All the animals worked together and did anything they could to get Mr. Jones out of the farm, and they did. Later, with no leader on the farm, Napoleon and Snowball become leaders. Napoleon then takes over as leader by chasing Snowball out with his dogs, Napoleon telling the other animals Snowball ran away. The animals start to notice changes on Animal Farm, the pigs were not doing any of the work and the commandments were changing. In the novel, Animal Farm, what George Orwell is saying about the nature of change is that change can be good and bad depending on where one takes it.

After Mr. Jones is thrown out of Animal Farm the animals are on their own. The animals were so happy when Jones was gone, they treated themselves to double servings of food and a great night’s sleep. The animals cannot do that every night; they need to create a routine to follow, that is fair. Meanwhile, the animals had chased Jones and his men out onto the road and slammed the five-barred gate behind them. And so, almost before they knew what was happening, the rebellion had been successful, carried through: Jones was expelled, and the Manor Farm was theirs. (20)

Now, it’s up to the animals to start a new way of life. This means deciding how they are going to create food, work, and how to use human technology to plant. If the animals never had rebelled against Jones, they would never have this chance to live free.

Once Jones is gone, the animals make the Seven Commandments to follow. Several of the animals were noticing a change in the commandments, while the smarter animals, such as the pigs, were telling them they were losing their memory. But a few days later, Muriel, reading over the seven commandments to herself, noticed that there was yet another of them which the animals had remembered wrong. They had thought the fifth commandment was ‘No animals shall drink alcohol,’ but there were two more words that they had forgotten. Actually, the commandment read: ‘No animals shall drink alcohol to excess.’ (109)

The pigs,especially Napoleon, changed the Fifth Commandment to fit their needs. They tricked the animals, because they were smarter than the other animals and they got away with it. The animals never really found out about the truth between the pigs and the Seven Commandments, but they could infer that something suspicious was going on amongst them.

In conclusion, life always has multiple changes in it, either big ones or small ones. Before one can make a change, he or she should be smart about it, because one may not be able to change it back. That is the case on Animal Farm. The animals decide to change the farm by rebelling against Mr. Jones, who fed them. After their change, their new leader Napoleon, whom the animals had much more trust in since Jones was gone, did not feed them. That was not a smart change that the animals made, because they got rid of Mr. Jones by only looking at one of the main problems with him, which was his abusiveness. The animals realized that their changes have a lasting effect.

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