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Topics: Animal Farm, Animal, The Animals Pages: 2 (570 words) Published: February 14, 2007
Animal Farm by George Orwell is a story about a bunch of farm animals who decide to take over the management of the farm on which they live. This simple animal fable contains many important insights about the predicaments of individuals in any given modern society. One of the themes central in the novel is the idea that weakness can be dominated by strength, fear, and trickery. Three of the episode from the story that is related to the theme is when Snowball got killed. When Snowball was blame for everything that happen and when Napoleon became friend with the humans, taking over Animal Farm.

The first episode was when Snowball came out with the idea of the windmill and Napoleon disagrees with it. Snowball and Napoleon kept on fighting until Napoleon call in the dogs to attack snowball. After Snowball got killed Napoleon told the animals that Snowball was a traitor and they believed. The characters that were involved in this are Napoleon, Snowball, and the dogs. The insight that I get is that Napoleon is greedy for power and do anything to get it. Also the dogs are Napoleon most loyalist servant. This episode is related to the theme because Napoleon used to have the same strength as Snowball but with the dogs napoleon is stronger. Snowball became the weakness and is dominated by strength which is Napoleon and the dogs.

The second episode is when the farm was destroyed and also the windmill. The pigs blame Snowball for all the destruction even he is died they came up with a lied. All the animals were involved in this because it affects everyone and some of them did some actions. The insight that I get about these actions is that they don't know what they doing or agreeing to except Napoleon and the pigs. This is related to the theme because the weakness is the animals and Napoleon is tricking them to believing something. The animals are weak because they can't think for themselves and Napoleon is thinking for them.

In the third episode...
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