Animal Farm: Chapter by Chapter Review

Topics: Animal Farm, Alcoholic beverage, Hay Pages: 3 (819 words) Published: October 8, 1999
Old Major calls a meeting in the barn in which he speaks of the rebellion and animalism.
When the writer put the meeting in the barn, he put all the characters in one place to tell you about all of them at the same time and he gave a place where he could give the book's undivided attention to what Old Major was talking about.

Old Major died, and the rebellion happens. After Jones is gone, all of man's tools are burned; the animals walk the grounds, and take a tour of the farmhouse. The name Manor Farm is changed to Animal Farm and the seven commandments are established. They then begin the hay harvest.

I didn't expect the rebellion to come so soon and so easily. I wonder how the hay harvest will turn out?
The hay harvest is the best ever and during the harvest, Boxer adopts, "I will work harder" as his personal motto. Work on Sunday's is discontinued but in it's place is a late breakfast, raising of the flag, a meeting, and signing. Only the pigs can eat apples and drink milk.

It's amazing that the harvest was such a success. The pigs are beginning to abuse their power.
Pigeons are sent to spread word of the rebellion to other animals. Jones tries to recapture the farm in the Battle of the Cowshed.
This was a very important chapter because in it, Jones tries to get the farm back but was defeated by the animals giving a boost of confidence to the animals.
Mollie runs away and Snowball begins plans for a windmill. When Snowball's plans are finished, Napoleon's dog's chase him off the farm. Napoleon cancels the Sunday debates. Boxer adopts the maxim, "Napoleon is always right." Napoleon decides to build the windmill.

The farm lost the best leader they could have had. They loose their chance to give input on what direction the farm should go, and Napoleon begins blaming Snowball for things that he did not do.

Napoleon sets the...
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