Animal Farm And 1984

Topics: Nineteen Eighty-Four, George Orwell, Animal Farm Pages: 8 (1449 words) Published: March 12, 2015

George Orwell's views on totalitarian governments were not concealed from public view. He expressed his thoughts and opinions through his books. Among these books were Nineteen - Eighty -Four and Animal Farm, which were his works that most obviously portrayed his disfavor for totalitarian governments. Totalitarian governments are controlled by political authorities who have control of all aspects of society. Nineteen-Eighty-Four and Animal Farm are two different books that have different ways of expressing the same theme. For example, Animal Farm is constructed on a farm and the characters are animals and Nineteen - Eighty - Four is set in a society with actual people. However, they still express how totalitarian governments are faulty systems with horrible leaders. Animal Farm and 1984 share a mutual theme, Orwell's fear of totalitarian governments, but they also share differences of characters, settings, and sub-themes. The main antagonists in Animal Farm and 1984, Napoleon and Big Brother, are comparable in the way that they are developed. The have similar mannerisms, ways of enforcing rules, and ways of controlling society. Both Big Brother and Napoleon manipulate people by making them believe that what they are doing is in the best interests of everyone involved. Big Brother manipulates the past so that he is able to feed whatever information that he wants into the minds of his people. Napoleon changes what has been said in the past and continues to repeat the new meaning of the previous explanation in order to convince the animals that he is on their side and performing in their best interest. Both Napoleon and Big Brother will permit anyone to suffer if it benefits their plan, such as the fate of Winston with his torturing and Boxer's expulsion, as well as Snowball's tarnished reputation. Napoleon and Big Brother both control a totalitarian government and restrict the rights of those under their rule. Napoleon controls what people wear, such as the incident with Molly and her ribbons, what people think, such as the revision to the commandments, and when people work, as seen in the schedule with the construction if the windmill. Big Brother controls his society in all aspects. He controls what they think by manipulating and altering the past, what people do by keeping cameras on them at all times, and what people are able to see and hear by controlling all media. The pigs and the Party have similar ways as well. The Party helps Big Brother to keep society running the way that he wants it to. They keep tabs on the people in society and watches over them for any suspicious activity that may be associated with retaliation against Big Brother. Children in society are encouraged by the Party to communicate with and tell the Party if they suspect their parents of defying Big Brother. The Party has a substantial influence on people in society, just like the pigs. The pigs also help Napoleon run the Animal Farm. The rest of the animals know that the pigs can regulate what they have to do and they have to listen to them. Just like the Party, the pigs also help Napoleon keep tabs on the rest of the animals. The pigs must report anything that they find out about the other animals to Napoleon, so that he may keep up with what the animals are doing and how they are feeling about his rule. The pigs and even the Party both help to get rid of people that Napoleon and Big Brother don't want to be around anymore. Big Brother tries to torture Winston and the Party goes to retrieve him from his house. Napoleon trashes Snowball's reputation and manipulation all the other animals into hating him and the pigs all back him up. Snowball and Winston are similar as well. They both think contrarily to everyone else in their respective society and question their totalitarian governments. Snowball wants to create a government such as the one that Old Major wanted, but it goes against what Napoleon wants. Therefore, Snowball...
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