animal farm alternative ending

Topics: Door, Animal Farm, The Doors Pages: 2 (462 words) Published: October 27, 2014

The creatures outside looked from pig to man, and from man to pig, and from pig to man again; but already it was impossible to say which was which. Clover turned around and pointed to large van, that was pulling up to the farmhouse. The side of the large vans closed doors read" 'Alfred Simmonds, pig butchering, Willingdon.

“They are back who are they going to take this time" cried Benjamin. The animals crowded around the van. anxiously awaiting who the next victim would be.
“They all ready took Boxer Who do they want this time” cried clover.
“They aren't here for us, they want the pigs.” said Benjamin.
“Snowball, Snowball you're back.“ yelled Clover. Snowball walked over to the back of the van and opened up the doors. There lied Boxer reading a dictionary.
”Hey guys i finally learned the whole alphabet and i can read now! said Boxer. Snowball found me and saved me. I cant believe Napoleon was going to kill me.! I want revenge. That's why we are here, we have a plan!. All the animals ran up to boxer and snowball and hugged them. “You're back! we missed you two so much, Don't let Napoleon see you. He will kill you both! cried Clover.

“I herd about what's been going on and this needs to stop. Boxer is right, we do have a plan just follow along.” said Snowball. The pigs were passed out from drinking so much. Snowball and boxer marched towards the farmhouse with the animals following behind them. The animals picked up anything that could be used as a weapon. Snowball knocked on the farmhouse door and said

“Sir we have an order of whiskey for you.” Napoleon woke up and raced to the door as fast as he could, On his way to the door he tripped over a wooden chair. He was so drunk he could hardly stand up straight. When he finally made his way to the door he reached for the doorknob and fell again. He grabbed the door knob and pulled himself back up. His nose scrunched up. He raised his eyebrow and laughed. There was no whiskey at his door but...
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