Animal Farm Alternative Ending

Topics: Animal Farm, The Animals, Pink Floyd Pages: 1 (281 words) Published: February 22, 2009
As the animals stared in astonishment at the pigs through the window. Clover jumped as he heard a rustling in one of the bushes behind them. Out stepped an thin, old pig. “Snowball,” clover whispered.

“I came as soon as I could when I heard about everything napoleon has done to animal farm,” said snowball “he needs to be stopped.” “What are we going to do” asked Benjamin.
“I have a plan,” Snowball said with a smile on his face. Snowball rounded up all the animals on the farm and took them to the barn for a meeting while all the pigs were passed out in the house from drinking too many pints. He told them that he had overheard Napoleon saying that he was going to sell then all to a nearby farm and replace them because they weren’t working hard enough. The animals in the barn shouted with anger. Luckily clover Benjamin and Moses were the only ones who could remember snowball. “How dare he say that about us” cried one of the horses furiously. “All the pigs had a meeting about it I was the only one to disagree with him. He said the vans are coming tomorrow to collect you and whoever wont go will be killed.” All the animals went outside and picked up sticks, axes and whatever weapons they could find and headed towards the house were the pigs were. By the morning all the pigs were dead, all except for snowball, who burned down the house and poured out all the beer into the river. Animal farm was now what the animals had pictured it would be when they kicked out Jones.
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