Animal Farm

Topics: Animal Farm, What Happened, Robots in Disguise Pages: 2 (689 words) Published: August 19, 2013
Breaking news: Ron Burgendy/ Me: Hello, this is Ron Burgendy from AF at ten here with exclusive coverage of Animal Farm. Napoleon’s dogs have just run Snowball out of Animal Farm! Here’s some footage of this event. (Dog chasing Snowball. Snowball goes out of footage.) Snowball: HELP MEEEEEEE!!!!!!

Me: I cannot believe that Napoleon has just done this to Snowball. It is truly astonishing. Me: Later I found Snowball and interviewed him. His location is not being revealed for the sake of his safety. So Snowball how are you feeling right now? Snowball: (Snowball crying) I feel devastated. I loved that farm. I know that Napoleon and I didn’t really like each other but I can’t believe he would do this to me. I feel like a have been beaten up physically and mentally. Me: What went on between you and Napoleon?

Snowball: We had many disagreements. If I said something he would automatically disagree with me. I had a great idea with a plan to make a windmill that would give the farm heat, electricity, hot water and cold water. Then he urinated on my plans. He probably like the plans but wouldn’t admit it. This would also let the animals work 3 days in a week. Me: I’m truly sorry about that. Napoleon is an idiot and I don’t believe that he will be able to run the farm alone. Will you ever try going back to Animal Farm and take it back? Snowball: (Still crying) No, they don’t deserve me.

Me: I’m sorry; this is a very emotional time for Snowball. (Commercial break)
Me: Later I went back to Animal Farm to interview Clover, she is a lovely, beautiful and smart hoarse. Hey Clover, how are you doing today. Clover: I’m ok.
Me: Did you see this coming?
Clover: Will Napoleon be seeing this?
Me: No.
Clover: Ok. Well I didn’t expect something like this to happen but I know that Napoleon and Snowball were having some issues. I just didn’t expect Napoleon to chase Snowball off of the farm. I feel bad for Snowball. Me: Who do you like more Napoleon or Snowball?...
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